November 5, 2018

MR. Grumps

"The Buttersburg has become our favorite restaurant in Carroll county as we try to come every 2 weeks or so to the Union Bridge restaurant from our home in Westminster, not only is the food outstanding but the service is excellent as well, especially Tess, Wendy and others that make you feel right at at home. The evening wouldn't be complete without a visit to the table from the calm and collective demeanor of Frank, the chef behind these great food selections as well as a visit from Jim, the charming and personable dessert specialist . Our favorites are the turkey platter, the fried chicken, the chicken tenders, and the salmon, and you cant go wrong with any of the homemade desserts. We have brought family and friends to the Buttersburg and all are in agreement that once you have tried their food and of course always leave room for the deserts, that you will be hooked on coming back again and again."
October 5, 2018

Jeff B. | 2018-10-03 16:36:14

"Just good simple country cooking. Homemade desserts. Service has always been great. Only a mile away so it's nice to get a quick meal."
October 5, 2018

Dani M. | 2018-10-03 16:38:01

"There food is great and I love eating here! They have amazing workers who all are very nice and trustworthy. If your looking for a great restaurant with great people and great food this is where you need to be!!"
August 2, 2018

David Buie | 2018-08-01 18:59:50

"Every small town should have a Buttersburg Inn. The owner of this quaint little restaurant in Union Bridge, Md has perfected an amazing recipe for running a restaurant in a small rural town: simple food, great pricing and unpretentious care about the people that come into the restaurant. It has been a long time (I would say close to never in a northern restaurant) that every customer was made to feel like a family member, many hugs and “how have you been?” were exchanged during the course of our dinner by each customer and wait staff as new arrivals walked through the door. The dinner selections are modest, which in my opinion is a great thing. I selected the fried chicken, potato salad (I would learn later they had mashed potatoes and gravy which was what I really wanted) and went out on limb and ordered stewed tomatoes (a dish very simple but often destroyed by northern cooks) I was glad I went out on a limb. My wife had a hot turkey sandwich with gravy and potato salad; she too would have preferred to have had mashed potatoes and gravy, but honestly that was our bad for not asking. The bill with drinks was an unheard of total of less than $16. The simple food reminiscent of the way a dining experience used to be before iPhones and the Internet, a caring owner and joyous atmosphere will keep us going back week after week. As one guest committed to us as they left, “the next time you come, you will be part of the family”. My wife and I am looking forward to that next visit!"
August 2, 2018

Gary Jolbitado | 2018-08-01 19:00:19

"All you need in life, you'll find it in the coconut cake. Mic drop!"
August 2, 2018

Sandy Yingling | 2018-08-01 19:00:46

"My husband and i love going to eat here. Jim and frank are great and they always make you feel welcome. The girls are wonderful to. They all know what we want . They always make us laugh. It is so nice to go there and get good food and have nice conversation."