December 1, 2017

Rich C. | 2017-11-30 18:20:25

"Stopped by with a group of friends on a long bike ride through the area. There didn't seem to be a lot of places to eat around here, and we were pleasantly surprised when we found the Buttersburg Inn. Great service, the waitress was very friendly. Cream of crab soup was excellent."
December 1, 2017

LW | 2017-11-30 18:21:04

"Absolutely the best restaurant for unpretentious, delicious food. If you want a satisfying home cooked meal, this is the place. The owners are wonderful down to earth people, and the staff is courteous and attentive. Daily Specials are fantastic, and the regular menu has many options to satisfy any palate. Even vegetarian dishes are offered. The prices are very, very reasonable. The classics include the best fried chicken you will ever taste, crab cakes to rival any you'd find in Baltimore, and prime rib platters that put high end steak houses to shame. The desserts there are so delicious, and baked on the premises. Try the Hummingbird Cake and the Jewish Apple good. Highly recommended, and worth the trip. There isn't much to see in Union Bridge, except this incredible little restaurant. And once you've been there, it is a guarantee that you will be back!"
December 1, 2017

Jason O. | 2017-11-30 18:21:29

"My father took my fiance and myself out to dinner and we had THE BEST time. The server was so warm and friendly and Jim one of the owners was the best. I had the roast beef platter with mashed potatoes and fried apples with Jewish Apple Cake for desert. I walked out SOOO stuffed. My fiance had fried shrimp with Mac and Cheese. OMG the best Mac and Cheese we have ever tasted. We loved it so much that we want to have our rehearsal dinner here. We are defiantly coming back again."
December 1, 2017

Scott R. | 2017-11-30 18:21:58

"Small town diner with aspirations for more. Typical burgers/sandwiches/fried chicken type stuff on menu - but with daily specials that crank it up a notch. You can bring your own bottle if you'd like, and even call ahead for a special menu if you book a party (we haven't done this, but friends have, and had a nice evening). We went last week on a school night for a quick family dinner. Wifey and I stuck with the basic fare: cheeseburger, turkey reuben, fries, cucumber salad, etc. That was all very good and quite reasonable. Our teenager of course sought out the most expensive thing on the menu (or close to it) - the evening special chicken marsala. He didn't like it all that much compared to the version I make at home for him - but then again his idea of fine dining is going thru BOTH drive-ins so you can dunk your big mac in your frosty. In other words, the chicken marsala is probably just fine. I do remember last time I ate here (years ago), I had some americanized shepherd's pie type meal, andremember it being simple but tasty. Service was pleasant and friendly. Consistent with other reviewer's experiences, one of the owners stopped by our table, all warm and welcoming, to make sure we were having a good meal - and when my wife had questions on the desserts, he just brought a few out for a show and tell demo. I'm sure we'll go back."
October 3, 2017

Sue L. | 2017-10-03 19:13:07

"My husband and I traveled to this restaurant for breakfast. The server was wonderful, pancakes good. Sausage patty was delicious. My husband had an omelet was pleased. Coffee good as well as tea. They also have dessert , pies, cakes and cannoli' s . I would go back for the sausage."
September 18, 2017


"My wife Ruth and I have been going to the Buttersburg Inn since I discovered their Hog Maw. Of course, over the years we've been there with many members of our extended family and friends and I have never heard one negative comment. The food is always good and the wait staff is always friendly and efficient. (By the way, I go back often and get several orders of Hog Maw to take home.) Owners and chefs, Jim & Frank, spend a lot of time greeting customers and ensuring everything is satisfactory. Always a good sign."