February 19, 2021

Beth Wood | 2021-02-18 21:01:15

"Absolutely love this place! The food is always delicious, the wait staff is friendly and helpful, and the owners circulate among the clients making sure everything is great. The restaurant is always clean and the food far surpasses “buffet food”. Don’t forget dessert (Jewish Apple cake!)."
February 5, 2021

Blanche Steel | 2021-02-02 15:51:04

"We were there for breakfast, very good food and coffee! Nice people and very COVID conscience! We felt very comfortable eating inside! I would highly recommend!"
February 5, 2021

Shinichi Ren | 2021-02-02 15:51:30

"Can't recommend this place enough!!! Delicious food every time! Great prices, lovely staff and customer service, and the owners are sweethearts! Don't skip dessert!"
February 5, 2021

Mark Hurley | 2021-02-02 15:52:42

"We don't live close so unfortunately we don't get here as often as we would like. Friendly small town restaurant. Good home cooked food. I don't think we have ever left here unhappy. It is not unusual to see the owners walking around and checking on the customers or cleaning a table. Many fresh made desserts to choose from."
December 6, 2020

Chris Gray | 2020-11-30 15:57:33

"Nice friendly atmosphere, clean and good service!"
December 6, 2020

Stuart Tart | 2020-11-30 15:56:02

"We drive an hour each way to eat here! Whether you order a turkey reuben, a turkey dinner, or a slice of homemade pie, you will enjoy tasty homestyle cooking. The staff is friendly and attentive, and the owners Frank and Jim take the time in the dining room to get to know their customers."